Office 365 has become Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Office 365 has become Microsoft 365, at the same great price with a few new additional consumer-focused features.

Don’t worry you don’t need to do a thing. Your product services, apps, and features will stay the same, along with the price. Your subscription name will update automatically in the admin center and your monthly billing statements on or after April 21, 2020.

Office 365 Business Essentials is now Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Office 365 Business Premium is now Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Microsoft 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Office 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Apps for business
Office 365 ProPlus is now Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

Microsoft Outlook is introducing a solution to let personal and work calendars sit in one cohesive interface. You’ll be able to import your personal account, like Gmail, and view this in line with your work calendar to help plan your day.

Microsoft Editor, will make language suggestions and alert you if you’re using a word too frequently, using machine learning and AI. It will make style suggestions and even rephrase an entire sentences. Editor will have the ability to detect unintentional bias language and suggest words or phrases that can be substituted. For students, there will be a built-in plagiarism detector, ensuring you properly cite sources to help prevent you from submitting work that could get you in trouble.

In Excel, you’ll get the Money feature to help keep track of your finances. You’ll be able to sign in to financial institutions and import the data, this will allow you to see each transaction presented line by line with the ability to create a monthly spending chart so you can see your spending habits. This could be an easy way to budget money on a personal and family level.

Microsoft is also rolling out a new Family Safety app, which will work for Windows, Xbox and Android platforms at launch. You’ll be able to see what people in your family are doing on their respective devices, set limits such as screen time and web filtering, you can also set content filters by age, effectively blocking some games on Xbox. It should also be possible for families to share their locations similar to Apple’s Find My app.

Microsoft Teams will be available to consumers for the first time. Previously, the communications app has only been available for organisations. Microsoft want to market their end-to-end encrypted communication platform as a tool for community organisers and groups of friends.