Is your work being interrupted by poor internet connection?

This year has seen millions across the UK ditch the office and work from the comfort of their homes, some on a permanent basis. 

Working from home can benefit both employers and employees. Employers can save on the cost of office space, utility bills and other facilities, whilst employees can enjoy increased productivity and a healthier lifestyle with more time for self-care. Not to mention, no one has to endure those tedious rush hour commutes!

However, surveyed over 1,000 UK homeworkers and found that nearly 89% were experiencing unreliable internet connections, wasting an average of 30+ minutes per day as a result.

BlueRockIT was approached by a local business owner who was experiencing similar issues with internet connectivity. He had set up a home office earlier this year and required and safe, reliable solution.

Roger Grogan, director at Jam Coding said, “We had an ordinary Wi-Fi extender but we were really struggling with the speed and the internet kept dropping off.

Most of my meetings are conducted via Zoom these days so having a fast, reliable internet connection is really important. The team at BlueRock installed a UniFi bridge which increased the internet speed drastically.

We can also set our own passwords and monitor what’s on the network so it has been great for security.”

Using the latest hardware and technology, BlueRockIT can design and build a solution around any requirements. All aspects of your business and any impacting factors are considered before a solution is recommended to ensure maximum coverage and performance.

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