How Team BlueRock celebrated milestone of second birthday

It’s been a week since BlueRockIT turned 2! To celebrate reaching this milestone, our team joined forces with some of our partners to participate in a virtual escape room. In true pandemic fashion, the game took place over Zoom.

The aim of the game was pretty straight forward. Team BlueRock was required to find clues, solve puzzles, complete tasks and break out of the “Gem Runner” room within a 60-minute timeframe. 

The clues, which took us from one stage of the game to the next, were found by deciphering words from posters on the wall, discovering numbers from objects and combining words to get answers.

Hosted by Lucardo in our neighbouring town Rawtenstall, the game was slightly different to providing good old IT support. In this scenario, we were the bad guys, tasked with breaking and entering, cracking open a vault and stealing a diamond…all before the police arrived!

It did, however, have some similarities. Both require teamwork and logical thinking in order to find an efficient and practical outcome. As always, Team BlueRock pulled together and escaped the room with 15 minutes to spare.

Bob Longworth, company director at BlueRockIT commented, “not only was it a great team-building exercise, but it also allowed us to get together and have a bit of fun – something we’ve all been short of with the current lockdown restrictions!”