Having trouble managing your IT infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure

BlueRockIT was approached by a thriving logistics company who were having trouble managing their IT infrastructure.

The Colne-based company had a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and a wide range of applications in use. Along with growing staff numbers, this had made managing the estate very complex.

On behalf of the company, BlueRock team member Christian set up an Azure Active Directory which provided some central management and enabled the use of single sign-on. 

Single sign-on means that users don’t have to sign in to every application they use. They can sign in using one set of log in credentials which are then used across multiple web applications.

This reduced the amount of time it took the company to manage user accounts and even simplified the joiner/leaver process. Using a system that requires less steps when a user leaves also helps to avoid any potential security risks of old accounts remaining active.

This project was particularly tricky as we were required to pull together several web applications, all developed by different vendors. However, we were successful in identifying a solution to resolve and minimise management costs.

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